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Covering some 41 hectares, the Luisenpark is the biggest green space in Mannheim. Despite its location right in the city centre, the park is equivalent in size to considerably more than 50 football fields. Yet it is not just its size that makes the Luisenpark so popular, but the diversity of natural and cultural experiences it offers. Locals and visitors to Mannheim alike appreciate the variety of its trees and bushes, the range of its cultural activities, the spacious playing fields and lawns, the enchanted paths weaving past animal enclosures and thousands upon thousands of flowers, providing new realms of relaxation and enjoyment every day. The changing special displays in the exhibition hall also impart a great deal of fascinating information about plants and animals. There’s a fair few things to do and discover in the Luisenpark: a trip around the lake, the Kutzerweiher, in a “gondoletta” tow-boat, for example; the open-air thé dansant; or the programme of summer events by the name of “Sea-Stage Magic.” A particular highlight is the Chinese Garden with its tea-house, which is thought to be the biggest in Europe. Numerous Chinese helpers from Mannheim’s twin city, Zhenjiang, were involved in the construction of the area, which was inaugurated in 2001...

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